When your teacher tries to give homework on a Friday


Spotlight Of The Week - Wicket W. Warrick

how sweet (:



Warning: Some of these images may be disturbing.

The first one and the last one made me incredibly angry



do not even try to tell me this idiot wouldn’t have an Instagram for Spidey and do this shit all the time.



Thranduil drawing for Mirkwood event. WIP (Korean)
*Please don’t repost*



The nigga is playing soccer with a lion wearing a suit and nike sneakers. That dude is hella G.

there’s a reason this is a 3 second gif. rip broe


A constructive weekend was had in #ShikariAlbum4 land.

Imogen Heap - You Know Where to Find Me

You know where to find me
when you’re on your way up
or bustle and busy
enough is enough
‘Cause life’s sweet assemblages
are quick to driftwood away
Be still with me

You know where to find me 
For no particular reason
For stop traffic behaviour 
Or to get something off your chest

‘cause we go a long way back 
Back to nothing at all 
Be still with me

Oh, woah, woah, won’t you be,
Be still with me.

You know where to find me
If you thinks it’s all over
I can sense it a mile off
it’s no friendly “hello.”

You could be screaming drunk 
Well I’ve got my bad days too 
I’m gonna be here for you 
Be still with me

In a public space, private thoughts
A reminder of a precious loss
I could be a source of constant reassurance 
Let the breeze block sadness drop

Oh, woah, woah, won’t you be
Be still with me.

Woah x8
Be still…

Heart, lung, soul 
Arteries and all 
A shoulder at the ready 
Vital organs on call

Heart, lung, soul 
Arteries and all 
A shoulder at the ready 
Vital organs on call

Don’t mistake my charity
for what it is
a deep need to be needed: necessary

Don’t mistake my open arms
for what they are
They can turn on you
so show me the money, show me the money

Blue and green 
Fresh eyes on me 
I’m young again 
All things to men

With bite size life boats 
I’ll fix your smashed up head
Be still with me

If you want to be alone
If you’d rather die than tell
You know where I’ll be
Where to find me

For hard talk, to call it off 
Or bring it on 
A proposal 
If you’re broken, I’ll be here

I’ll be here
For your secrets
for a breather
there’s nothing you can do…

cute <3 *u*
awesome! *O*
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